Rens Token ICO Whitelist

Rens Token ICO Whitelist


Public Sale Detail

🛒 Ticker: $RENS

🎉 How to participate

🔹 Complete all tasks
🔹 Refer your friends to earn more
🔹 The more entries you win, the greater your chances of winning!


  • Whitelist winners are able to participate in Public Sale Round.
  • Follow the instruction to earn points. The more points you get, the more chance you will be qualified.
  • Ensure that your Twitter account has a profile picture; otherwise, it will be detected as spam.

About Rens Token

About Rens

RENS aims to solve real estate market’s problems using blockchain technologies and smart contracts through a transparent and accesible way. Using tokenization we greatly reduce the minimum entry barrier for owning a house to as low as almost anyone can afford.
Since everything is on the block, there is no need for a slow and costly duediligence thus making the process smooth and instantenious. Investor’s can manage their real-estate portfolio as they fit without going through a burdensome process.

RENS Metaverse

It is a Real Estate project. $RENS Integrates Metaverse with Real World, that connects the Real World to the Metaverse.

  • NFT holders will get accommodation right and rental income in proportion to the value of the NFT they own.
  • Investors can claim their monthly rental income on RENS Application website via their Web3 wallet.

Rens VR

More realistic traveling in the Metaverse

RENS investors buy NFTs of properties in the metaverse and are rewarded with real world rental income of the properties.

How it works?

1. 3D houses are built in metaverse and divided into shares as NFTs.

Use Cases


Start earning by staking ! Stakers will be approved a tier for IHO allocation based on the amount staked.

IHO Platform

RENS organizes IHOs for the properties it creates in the metaverse. Investors who want to buy NFTs from IHOs that will be organized for each property will have right to purchase these NFTs at a more affordable price (when compared to a liberal market model) and with priority by staking Rens Token.


Rens Metaverse is an online living space. In this universe, investors will have the chance to experience digital world with VR glasses and they will be able to interact with each other.

Rens NFT

As the first version of our project, NFTs of 3D properties will be offered for sale in the metaverse. As our project develops/evolves, investors will be able to visit properties in the metaverse and explore the properties first-hand. NFT owners will benefit from rental income.



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