✨Assent Protocol Presale Whitelist🔥

Whitelist sale specifics

  • The whitelist pre-sale will be hosted on the 11th of March 9 AM UTC and will run until the 13th of March 9AM UTC if we don’t reach our hardcap before this time.
  • In the whitelist pre-sale there will be a total of 75000 $ASNT tokens for sale against a price of $0.40 per $ASNT token (this is a 20% discount on the $ASNT token launch price).
  • The hardcap will be $30.000,-. This means that the goal is to raise $30.000,- in the whitelist pre-sale.
  • The majority of the raised funds in the whitelist pre-sale will be used for marketing the public launch to make sure Assent Protocol will experience the best launch that is possible.
  • The whitelist pre-sale will runon the BSC chain with investments made in $BUSD.
  • There will be a minimum investment per wallet, which is $50 and a maximum investment of $10.000,- per wallet.
  • The pre-sale will be first come first serve, once we have reached our goal/hardcap we will close the pre-sale contributions.
  • The $ASNT tokens that are bought in the whitelist pre-sale will be available for claiming after our public sale finished, this will be the 16th of March.



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